GCSE Ensemble Performance Course

About the Course:

This Ensemble Performance Course guides GCSE music students through the requirements of the ensemble performance aspect of their exam in line with the requirements of either the AQA or EdExcel syllabus as appropriate.

  • With the input of the students, we arrange a playlist of learning materials for each term.
  • Each subsequent term we work with the students to develop their ensemble performance skills in order to maximise the difficulty level at which they can comfortably perform.
  • Each piece is specifically arranged in-house at Play Live to suit the instrumental skill level of each student.
  • There is a performance at the end of each term to staff, parents, friends or the whole school.
  • At the end of the course, Play Live present a multi-track recording of the final pieces, along with a score for each of the students ready for marking.


  • Up to 6 students weekly @ £333 per term
  • From 6 – 12 students weekly @ £599 per term

There is also the option to run the course based on a peripatetic funded model, please get in touch for more details.

Full Syllabus Details:

Can be downloaded here in pdf format: Play Live Syllabus 2013-2018


To discuss the particular requirements of your school, please email us at info@stunormanmusic.com or call 01483 851069