Stuart Norman

Having graduated from the Academy of Contemporary Music back in the year 2000, I have been running a successful teaching and performance business for over two decades.

I consider it an honour and a priviledge to have been able to help many hundreds, possibly more, of my students of all ages to reach their personal and musical goals. Ranging from the first few notes to graduating from prestigious music colleges, going on to have performance careers and even teaching businesses of their own, it has been a joy to help so many musicians grow and fulfil their potential. My disciplines include classical guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboard instruments, music theory and production and drums.

My own performance career includes having established the country’s leading Collins-Era Genesis Show (according to the critics rahter than myself that is!) Genesis Visible Touch. I have also toured extensively with industry leaders And Finally Phil Collins and many other acts, both original and playing the functions circuit.