Matt Welch Guitar/Piano/Keyboard Tutor

My name is Matt, and I am a musician with a passion for diverse genres and a deep appreciation for the transformative power of music. With a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Surrey, I have cultivated a rich understanding of rock, classical, and fusion, allowing me to embrace an eclectic taste that fuels my artistic pursuits.

Throughout my career, I have honed my skills not only as a performer but also as an educator. With several years of teaching experience, I have had the privilege of witnessing the joy and passion that music ignites in others. It is deeply fulfilling work to help individuals uncover their true potential and abilities, and I take pride in guiding them on their musical journey.

One of the highlights of my performance career is playing in theatre pit bands. In 2022, I had the incredible opportunity to be part of a pantomime at the Brighton Centre, where I performed in front of a crowd of 2000 people. It was a remarkable experience, made even more memorable by the presence of Brian May of the band Queen, whose wife Anita Dobson was involved in the show. The energy and connection I felt with the audience that night were indescribable.

Teaching not only allows me to share my knowledge and skills but also provides me with continuous inspiration. Every student brings a unique perspective and challenges me to expand my own musical horizons. The process of discovery and growth that I witness in my students fuels my own creative spirit and motivates me to constantly evolve as a musician.

Bartek Kosinski Piano/ Keyboard Tutor

I started playing the piano at the age of 10, initially encouraged by my parents and later inspired by the music of early Genesis to take my skills to the next level. As a teenager I played piano and keyboards in various bands ranging in style from punk, through alternative to progressive rock. In 2020 I moved to the UK to further study music at University for the Creative Arts in Farnham.

Apart from piano, I compose my own music, play bass and sing. I recently created my own project called The Maple Verse and as such released my debut album in October 2022. Despite branching out into various musical areas, piano is the instrument that lies at the foundation of my passion for music and it still is the one I spent most of my time with.

I’ve found it refreshing and enjoyable to be able to share my passion for music with students. Whether focusing on enjoying the instrument in a creative way, or studying towards graded exams, I adapt my teaching methods to each student individually.

As well as piano and keyboard skills, I can offer lessons in music theory, improvisation and composition.

Stuart Norman Owner

Having graduated from the Academy of Contemporary Music back in the year 2000, I have been running a successful teaching and performance business for over two decades.

I consider it an honour and a priviledge to have been able to help many hundreds, possibly more, of my students of all ages to reach their personal and musical goals. Ranging from the first few notes to graduating from prestigious music colleges, going on to have performance careers and even teaching businesses of their own, it has been a joy to help so many musicians grow and fulfil their potential. My disciplines include classical guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboard instruments, music theory and production and drums.

My own performance career includes having established the country’s leading Collins-Era Genesis Show (according to the critics rahter than myself that is!) Genesis Visible Touch. I have also toured extensively with industry leaders And Finally Phil Collins and many other acts, both original and playing the functions circuit.

Chris Williams Drum Tutor

Chris began playing drums in 1998 and has since had over 20 years experience playing live and recording with original bands and artists; notably, touring the UK and Europe extensively with hard rock bands Counterpoint and Plainview, as well as having the honour to record at Blackbird Studios, Nashville.

In 2018 Chris opened a drum tuition studio in Send (Surrey) where he continues to teach drummers of all ages. Chris is passionate about teaching and enjoys seeing his students progress through their drumming journey!

Chris has a degree in Music Performance (BA Hons) and is endorsed by Paiste Cymbals.