• Instrumental Lessons in Schools

    Experienced Play Live tutors with full DBS clearance can provide instrumental tuition in:

    • Guitar
    • Bass
    • Drums
    • Piano/Keyboard
    • ...

  • GCSE Ensemble Performance Course

    About the Course:

    This Ensemble Performance Course guides GCSE music students through the requirements of the ensemble performance aspect of their exam in line with the...

  • Big Show

    Adult musicians, not played live before?
    Or maybe you just don't have time to put a band together?
    Big Show is where the adult musicians get the chance to perform.
    A series of live music...

  • Vocals

    Proper training and technique in the use of your voice gives you improvements in every aspect of your singing. Pitch, breathing, projection and everything else that goes into being a great...

  • Bass Guitar

    Bass guitar players are always in demand. Holding together the rhythm section and harmonic structure within the band is the crucial role you play.

    - Any age
    - Any ability
    - Any style

  • Ukulele

    The ukulele is a great instrument to get started in music regardless of your ability level or musical background. You can quickly pick it up and be playing familiar songs in no time!

    - Any...

  • Music Theory

    Whether you are studying music at GCSE or A-Level, or just wanting to get literate in music theory, understanding the language of music is invaluable in your ability to read, perform and write...

  • Piano

    Piano is a great instrument to get started in music. It's an even better instrument to master!

    Covering everything from classical to contemporary singer-songwriter styles, your piano skills...

  • Drums

    "I love being a drummer. Everyone thinks you’re dumb. What they don’t realise is that if it weren’t for you, their band would suck." – Dave Grohl.

    Nobody at Play Live thinks you're dumb...

  • Classical Guitar

    With repertoire ranging from the baroque, classical and romantic periods to modern jazz styles, the classical guitar is a hugely rewarding instrument to learn and play.

    You will learn pieces...

  • Acoustic Guitar

    From Bob Dylan to Ed Sheeran or Robert Johnson to Al DiMeola, the acoustic guitar is great to learn whether you want to be a singer-songwriter, solo performer or part of a band.

    You will learn...

  • Play Live Junior Term

    Unfortunately, all group music activities have been suspended in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

    However, if you are a young musician who is looking to connect with like-minded people for...

  • Electric Guitar

    From Eric Clapton to Blink 182 or from James Bay to Metallica, the electric guitar is about as versatile an instrument as you could learn to play.

    You will learn through playing music in a...